Foaled 1999

Junior in the arena with a young boy on his back, led by an instructor


At 14.2 hands high, Junior is the perfect height for our younger riders. Before joining Camelot’s herd in the summer of 2016, Junior spent his life in the show ring competing under his registered name Court Marshall PA+//. He has many national titles in various disciplines and is well known and loved in the Arabian horse community.

Not only does he have an impeccable pedigree, including the well known sires Bask and Bay El Bay, but his great grandsire and great-great grandsire were owned by Camelot supporters! Junior is strikingly handsome and carries himself with an air of nobility (when he’s not making silly faces).


Junior carrying an adult female student in the arena, held by an instructor closeup of Junior's head width= Junior making a silly face, young woman riding him