Percheron/Belgian Draft Cross

Foaled 2009

K2 in the arena with his sponsors from K2 Adventures Foundation, a woman in Arabian costume is riding him

K2 with his sponsors at Hooves & Heroes 2016

A horse fit for a knight, K2 (“Jim”) is a black Percheron/Belgian Draft cross with a personality as big as his body! He is extremely curious and loves to play with toys. He is strong and sturdy enough to carry a large adult, but is such a gentle giant that even the smallest students are infatuated with him. He joined the Camelot herd in May of 2016, thanks to a generous donation by the K2 Adventures Foundation.

In early 2018, he was sent for 30 days of driving training and was given the name “Jim” (see sidebar). He is now ready to carry our students in a cart as well as under saddle!

Jim pulling a cart, woman walking beside him K2 being groomed by male student in wheelchair closeup of Jim's head with woman petting his face