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What’s New

Cathy GorhamCamelot is pleased to welcome the newest member of our staff, Weekend Ranch Hand Cathy Gorham, who also volunteers in the afternoon lessons on a weekly basis.  (August 11, 2017)

What Camelot Means to Me – Spring 2017

Be sure to check out the Spring 2017 issue of our Camelot Chronicles newsletter, available online now. This Special Edition showcases our students’ responses to a homework assignment asking that they explain what Camelot means to them. Executive Director Mary Hadsall writes, “What the results of this assignment emphasized to me is that Camelot is a patchwork, a thing composed of many different elements that are brought together to make a whole. I hope that you are as proud as I am for being involved with this most remarkable place we call Camelot.” (April 20, 2017)

Our Mission

Camelot’s mission is to improve the quality of life for children and adults with disabilities through programs of horsemanship and outdoor education, which develop self-worth, independence, and active participation in the community.

What We Do

Since its inception in 1980, Camelot has offered one-on-one education, with instruction tailored to the individual needs of our students. Camelot specializes in serving riders with physical disabilities, and our students learn riding, driving, grooming, training, vet care, and stable management.

Camelot Ranch is located on 14.25 acres of the Sonoran Desert in the Pinnacle Peak area of Arizona. Our barrier-free, wheelchair-accessible facility makes it possible for students to saddle, ride, and groom our horses with minimal help.

The Camelot philosophy is that everyone faces personal dragons, yet every person is a potential dragon-slayer. The most intimidating obstacles can be vanquished with love and courage. Camelot provides the opportunity and support to succeed.