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Foaled 2012

Rooster being ridden by smiling adult student in covered arena

Rooster is a gorgeous pinto standing at 15.2 hands tall. Before coming to Camelot, he was doing trail rides all over the Southwest, including Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. He is very friendly on the trail and will call out to the other horses to say “hello!”

Rooster came to Camelot in October of 2021. His friendly demeanor and unique coat color have made him a fast favorite with the students. The white parts of his coat have a different texture than the tan parts, so even our visually impaired students can map out his markings! He has a wonderful forward walk that makes his riders feel like they are really going somewhere.

Rooster carrying student in covered arena, being led by volunteer Rooster peeking out of his stall Rooster in grooming area with young student and volunteer