Foaled November 2005

Barbara being led by an adult male student using a walker, accompanied by an adult female volunteer


Barbara came to Camelot in February 2011 to begin her training for a career as a therapy horse. Her journey to Camelot was a long one. She was foaled in Barcelona, Spain, at the Can Maynou stud farm. She is registered as “Barbara Maynou” with the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse. When she arrived, her coat was steel grey. As she ages, it continues to lighten, and she will eventually appear to be white.

Barbara’s sweet disposition, easy going nature, and gentle gaits make her well-liked by the students. At 16.2 hands, she is tall, strong, and beautiful; riders say they feel special just being on her back. Adult riders enjoy being astride and she is gentle enough to carry the tiniest of Camelot’s Dragon Slayers. She is truly a fairy tale, dreams-do-come-true mare.

Barbara with adult male student riding in arena, volunteers and instructor standing nearby closeup of Barbara's eye young male student leading Barbara in barn