Foaled 2006

instructor and student driving horse in red cart


This gorgeous Haflinger/Belgian mare came to Camelot in October of 2023. At only 14.2 hands, Trixie is small in height, but huge in heart. As a draft horse she can carry adults without issue, but she is short enough for even the smallest student to ride without fear.

Before coming to Camelot, Trixie carried flags, raced barrels, did trail rides, pulled a cart, and even had two foals. You might think that as a draft horse she would be slow, but everyone who has ridden her at the trot and canter has said “Wow! That’s bigger than I thought!.”

Having such a varied background (not to mention two teenage girls to desensitize her) means that Trixie has taken all the various wheelchairs, walkers, and other adaptive equipment in stride. This wonderful horse has eagerly taken up her duties as a lesson horse both in riding and in driving.

Trixie admiring herself in the arena mirror Trixie with student who has mounted using the overhead lift

Trixie carrying male student in arena