Quarter Horse Cross

Foaled 2012

Nutmeg being ridden in the outdoor arena by a student wearing a facemask

Nutmeg, named appropriately for her coloring, may be small, but she has a big heart! Standing around 13.2 hands tall, she is an ideal size for many of Camelot’s young riders. When you first meet Nutmeg, you will notice her social nature and her striking blue eye! Nutmeg carries the “silver gene” which causes unusual and beautiful coloring of her mane and tail. While she otherwise would be called a bay horse, her mane and tail have lighter colored hairs, creating a “taffy” appearance. 

Nutmeg is not only a riding horse, but also pulls a cart! DNA testing shows that Nutmeg is a cross between a Quarter Horse, Hanoverian, and Missouri Fox Trotter. She was born in 2012 in New Mexico, then traveled to Colorado before making her way to Arizona. While some of her early history is unknown, we do know that this little mare has a bright future at Camelot!

Nutmeg being ridden in the covered arena with 2 women walking beside her
Nutmeg in her stall, staring straight at the camera
Student in a wheelchair in the barn aisle, wearing a face mask; Nutmeg's head is extended from her stall so that the student can pet her