POA (Pony of the Americas)

Foaled April 9, 2009

Jojo being led by student in wheelchair

Standing at only 13.1 hands tall, JoJo is small but mighty. She started her career in Iowa in the halter ring before making her way to Arizona as a trail horse. After a number of years riding all over Arizona, she made her way to Camelot.

POAs are a combination of Quarter Horse, Appaloosa, and Shetland pony. JoJo seems to be a combination of all the best of these breeds. She is small enough that children can ride her (and side walkers can reach her!), but big enough that adults can ride as well. Her quiet walk and calm observation of the world around her make her ideal for someone learning the basics of horsemanship.

Jojo standing in stall with smiling volunteer Closeup of Jojo wearing bitless bridle Jojo being led in covered arena