Welsh Cross

Foaled January 2004



Ashley is a dainty blue roan standing at 12.2 hands high. Although she’s a small pony, she did big things before coming to Camelot, like teaching children to ride, jump, and show. She has a lovely trot that leaves many people above 5 feet tall saying, “I wish she were bigger so I could experience that!” Although she’s strong and can carry a rider who’s taller than 5 feet, she’s the ideal height for a child, which is great for her because she really does enjoy children!

Ashley adapted quickly to Camelot and to all the equipment that was new to her like wheelchairs, crutches, and walkers. She is smart, kind, and affectionate. She is also a good listener with an honest heart. She enjoys working in the arena and is great on the trail as well. Ashley is an all-around super star!

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