All of Camelot’s horses extend their heartfelt thanks to their veterinarian, Dr. Vicki Baumler, who has been providing her services to Camelot at no cost since 1986.

Ashley standing in round pen
Barbara being led by adult male student using walker, accompanied by adult female volunteer
Cliffy standing outside on property
helmeted woman bridling Frisco
Junior with young male student in covered arena, led by instructor
K2 wearing native Arab costume, ridden by woman in black hooded cape, standing next to sponsors in covered arena
Small white donkey being led by woman in power wheelchair
Rusty led by young male student in breezeway, adult female volunteer standing next to them

We are fortunate to have a wonderful team of equine instructors. Our therapy horses are extremely patient with the students and understand the importance of their jobs. Each has something special to offer and something very important to teach.

Explore the links below to learn more about our unique partners, the treasured foundation of our program.

Horse Sponsors

One way that our supporters help our program is by sponsoring a horse for one or more years. The cost of a horse sponsorship is $2000 per year. The sponsors’ names are displayed on plaques in the barn. If you are interested in sponsoring a Camelot horse, please contact our Executive Director, Mary Hadsall, at or 480.515.1542.

Our 2019 Horse Sponsors

  • Ashley—Soren, Isabella, and Rhys Trowbridge
  • Barbara Maynou (“Barbara”)—Kris and Mike Stevens
  • Cayanna RHM (“Cayanna”)—The Strickstein grandchildren: Larry, Emma, Nora, Seth, Kiera, and Jacob
  • Cliff Dweller (“Cliffy”)—Shirley A. Lowman
  • Court Marshall PA+// (“Junior”)—Mary Beth Walker
  • Frisco II (“Frisco”)—Harrison Moore and his family
  • K2 (“Jim”)—Scottsdale 20/30 Club
  • Phil—Sponsorship opportunity available! Please email us for details
  • Willem (“Rusty”)—Scottsdale 20/30 Club