helmeted student petting BarbaraSince its inception in 1980, Camelot has offered therapeutic horsemanship services to children and adults with disabilities at no cost. How can we do this? Only with your continuing support.

As the result of careful planning and generous donations to previous capital campaigns, Camelot owns outright the property and facility where we operate; we have no mortgage. Our “pay as you go” philosophy ensures that every dollar you donate goes directly to support our program—to care for our horses, purchase adaptive equipment for our students, and help us improve our facility.

The cost of running a program like Camelot’s is considerable, and you can help. Whether it’s a $15 donation that buys a 100 pound bale of hay or $2,000 to sponsor a horse for a year, whatever you can give will help make a difference in the lives of our students.

Donate Now

You can help now by making a one-time donation with your credit card or PayPal account.PayPal donate button

Make a Recurring Monthly Donation

If you would like to support Camelot on an ongoing basis, you may set up a recurring monthly donation through PayPal.

Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

Camelot is pleased to be a qualifying charitable organization under the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit program. Under this program, you can claim a tax credit for your charitable contribution on your Arizona state tax return. Taxpayers filing as “single” and “head of household” status may claim a maximum credit of $400. Taxpayers filing as “married filing separate” may claim a maximum credit of $400. Taxpayers that file as “married filing joint” may claim a maximum credit of $800. Please consider helping Camelot by taking advantage of this program with a donation!

Tax Deductions

Camelot Therapeutic Horsemanship is an Arizona nonprofit corporation exempt from federal income tax under Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Camelot’s Federal Identification Number is 86-0444470.

Camelot is also a Qualifying Charitable Organization under the Arizona Department of Revenue. Camelot’s QCO Code is 20137.

For more information about tax deductions for your donations, please consult your accountant. You might also find this document useful:

Charitable Contributions—Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements (IRS Publication 1771)

Other Ways to Help

If you wish to do more than simply donate money, please read about other opportunities to help Camelot.