creed001We believe dreams are essential to life and the right to risk belongs to us all,

We commit ourselves to slaying the dragons of doubt in ourselves and others,

We believe the world is changed one life at a time,

We dedicate ourselves to a program designed for the individual, wherein quality will always be placed before quantity,

We believe persons with disabilities should be in control of their own lives,

We pledge ourselves to a program where disabled people govern themselves and a learning model based on mentorship,

We believe freedom and dignity are priceless; success can only be kept when given away,

We commit ourselves to a Camelot which will always be free of charge other than the commitment to become a contributor to our community,

We believe life is a Round Table wherein each member is both student and teacher,

We pledge to build in each other the knightly virtues of Courage, Loyalty, Compassion, Honor, Justice, Generosity, and Faith,

We believe in the philosophy of Camelot, which calls on each of us to rise to our highest good,

We embrace the Quest and dedicate ourselves to quality life with programs that offer opportunities to dream, to risk, to love, and to serve.