Foaled July 1994



Cliffy, occasionally known as Prince Clifford, is the class comedian! He has a thousand expressions that he uses to convey his various thoughts and moods. He likes to keep to a schedule. Every winter afternoon, around 1:30, he can be found napping in his stall. But he works hard and deserves his naps. His discipline is dressage, and he teaches our instructors to be better riders and horse people.

Cliffy is also our good will ambassador. He has an innate awareness of when someone is in need of emotional support. He offers his support through the focused attention he gives. We first noticed this gift when we had a visitor who was in the last stages of cancer come to Camelot. She was in need of horse time, a reprieve from the sanitary and sheltered hospital conditions she was living in, and Cliffy knew. He bathed her in love by arching down to hold her, lavishing her with horse kisses, and allowing her to love him as well. Her family told us that in her last days she was surrounded by Camelot horse photos, as well as the memories Cliffy gave her to put into her pocket and hold sacred on her journey.

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